TV turnoff week

Indeed it is TV Turnoff Week.

Druk die rooi knoppie.

And indeed the Peppers said it best with “Throw Away Your Television”:

Throw away your television
Take the noose off your ambition
Reinvent your intuition now
Its a repeat of a story told
Its a repeat and its getting old

I haven’t had a TV since mid-March. I’m probably too lazy to buy one and get a license. (what is this? the dark ages? A license for a glorified radio????) Occasionally I do watch at a friend’s house or at a pub, but that’s really limited to sport or a very interesting show. I also download a lot of my viewing off the Internet – it’s my time, and so it should be my perogative to shift my viewing as I see fit. TV broadcasters don’t really like that, unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

So just for this week, do yourself a favour – turn it off. Get outside. Go be sociable. Go watch a band. Sit at a restaurant for a few hours. Learn to play a musical instrument. Rediscover the power of your CD player or even better, your turntable. Meet people. And then when you realise you don’t actually need a TV, throw it away.

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