06/06/06 – The Day Google Killed Microsoft Office

Google teased us yesterday with the threat of an imminent web-based spreadsheet offering. I decided I couldn’t wait for an invite, so I found the right url to use and logged in. Yay! It’s pretty cool.

Once again, Google have managed to impress with their web-based offerings. While far from perfect, this tool is just what is needed for the majority of average spreadsheet users (I’m one of them). One thing that did irk me was the lack of keyboard navigation while in the middle of a formula, but fortunately you can still use the mouse.

I’m also keen to test out more closely the sharing and collaboration portions of the app.

GMail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Writely, Google Spreadsheet. Google Office is no longer a rumour, folks.
Microsoft is in trouble – as a third world consumer, I can run an entire business using web-based tools for the cost of my internet connection. (Assuming I have a reliable net connection). Between Google’s apps and free software like OpenOffice, I’m sorry, but Microsoft Office is *dead*.

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