Mojo is simply in the Mind

Things are looking up. Initially I thought I was a nerd. As it turns out, that was a pretty accurate assumption.
However, be that as it may, I came to a realisation last Thursday:

A group of girls walks past Shaun on a packed dance floor at HiFlyerz. Suddenly the leader of the group stops. Usually this would be due to the place being too crowded to even inhale deeply, but no, there’s another reason…

Lead-girl: Wow, someone smells real good…(sniffs air)… Do you guys smell that?
Other-girls: Yeah, mmmmm oh yeah.
Lead-girl: Hmmm, where’s it coming from. (Noses in the direction of Shaun. Bumps into Shaun.)
Sorry, but you smell real good!

Shaun: Thanks!

Bloody brilliant yet again, Shaun.
Or so I thought.
And then I realised, as a Rockstar, well, I just have to accept that I don’t have the time to chat up every woman I meet – I need to be selective and share my time accordingly.

So, Ladies, bring on the compliments, and maybe I’ll give you more than my nerdish response.

Oh, the scent? It’s a secret, kinda. Brilliant tip from Moneypenny which survives til this day.

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Yeah, that’s my day to day stuff, but when I’m out on the town in Rockstar mode, then I’m an entirely different bouquet of fragrances!!!

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