24.com’s Broken Search Engine

So you’ve probably seen the ad for the kief 24.com-Johnny-Five, Nineteen-Eighties-Robot-Search that will find the socks that Tracker can’t. Great idea – take a really bad, boring and stale marketing approach to try and get people to use your search engine.

I guess the marketers cannot be blamed this time – after all, who would really want to promote a product that is broken?

Witness below the astonishing results as I clicked the ego search for “Shaun Dewberry”: (click image for full size)

Broken 24.com Search Results

Not one single link to dewberry.co.za, but plenty of links to other crap that doesn’t even mention me? Is 24.com being spammed? Is their database corrupt? A similar search for 52weeks.co.za yielded a killer three results, one of which appears to be just as dodgy.

I’ve tried other searches and they all seem to work. Is it just me? Is this belated revenge because I supported NobodyOwns24.com? Am I simply a lowly corruption in the big 24.com database?

Thank goodness for Google.

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What a useless search engine – it perplexes me how people think they can compete with Google (it even has the “Did you mean…”). A search for my blog returned only one valid result. It was a link to Coda’s site actually

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