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I’m far too tired/busy/shallow/hungover/lazy/pissed-off-with-firefox-crashing to write a real blog entry today, so I’m just gonna pretend I wrote something real good and if you like you can comment on it. Note the lack of any link to any external page, no image and yes, no content. Enjoy!

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the day ie7 came out, windows started blocking firefox! seriously, on the day, windows pulls up a hissy fit, and says “do you want windows to keep blocking this application : firefox.exe”

can you believe it?

*slightly worried* does this mean shaun is less than happy with firefox, and considers changing his ways?

Good observation there – the only time I’ve ever had shit with Firefox is since IE7 came along.

I am a little less happy, but firefox still 0wnz IE. It’s so superior you can’t really compare them.

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