Help, evil Tuesday.

It’s day’s like these when I contemplate just forgetting about it and giving my brain to science – perhaps they can do something more useful and less frustrating with it.

Weather, Booze, Guitar Playing and Cricket

Its Friday at last, and while I had the opportunity of staying cooped up at home, studying for Linux certification, and after having seen the weather in Helsinki (don’t ask why that’s a factor) I wisely chose instead to head out to Brad’s fiancĂ©e’s parents’ farm. (talk about a long string of possessive nouns). There […]

A Cellular Conspiracy?

Interesting reading the following few links are. Still, I’d prefer to be able to read in silence on a long flight than deal with my neighbours’ cheesy ring tones… “The FCC rules have less to do with the effects on a plane’s navigation than concerns that cell phones on planes could wreak havoc with […]

The DIY-IT Distraction

Doc Searl’s IT Garage is part of the concept of open source IT fast becoming the goundwork for a Do It Yourself IT scenario, and he has a fair amount of comment with links to resources on DIY-IT here. What makes his observations most interesting is that this phenomenon was originally depicted by Bruce Sterling […]

Don’t watch them terror videos.

A quote from journalist Jason Burke on terrorists “becoming the media” through propaganda videos. Read his article – it is very insightful. “Propaganda, indeed any communication or creative work, only functions in a language that is comprehensible to its target audiences. The harsh truth is that the style of al-Qaeda’s attacks and the executions in […]

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