Paul Newman vs The Demons

An unexpected rock gem from The Avett Brothers’ new album – The Carpenter:

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Upcoming Album Watch: Brothers by The Black Keys

“This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers.”

If you don’t know American blues-rock duo The Black Keys yet, you’re sure missing out on something special. It took all of thirty seconds listening to the first track off the new album “Brothers”, due out May 18, for me to get hooked right back into their raw, catchy, we’re-so-ridiculously-fucking-cool-you-can’t-handle-it sound. You can preview the entire album online now: Click here to listen to The Black Keys on
With production input from Danger Mouse (quite literally the Midas of the music scene right now), you know it has to be spectacular. This is definitely one for the LP collection.

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The Parlotones – A World Next Door To Yours

Parlotones - A World Next Door To Yours

I finally got my grubby paws on The Parlotones‘ new album – A World Next Door To Yours – after hearing pieces of it at a friend about a month ago and then of course attending the album launch at Tings n Times.

I must admit I was pretty worried when I started listening to it that it would turn out to be a horrible disappointment. When you consider the smashing success that was “Radiocontrolledrobot” you expect that the artists could only go downhill from that high.

Not wanting to make an immediate judgement I put the disk in for a second spin. Bang! I was hooked. It is astonishing how much the songs grow and develop as you listen to them. The album draws you in and takes you on a whirlwind ride through the emotionally charged landscape that is the kingdom of the Parlotones. Pure brilliance starts to shine through as you tiptoe cautiously and then barge frantically through the 14 track album. It’s early days to choose a favourite, but having seen it live and hearing it on the disk “Solar System” is definitely one that shines out.

As of this writing its R110 on Its a steal.

Link to buy album.

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The Meaning of Live

I happened upon the CD store over lunch and picked up a couple of new CD’s to add to the iPod collection. (Yes I do sometimes actually buy music, even though the record companies don’t deserve it.)

As it turned out one of the CDs is Live’s “Awake – the best of Live”. And then it happened. While reading through comments in the cover art I found the answer to a long-running mystery – What was Secret Samadhi (Live’s 3rd album) all about? While all of Live’s other albums had made sense and fit in with their profile, Secret Samadhi seemed off-beat, obscure and very dark – much more so than any of their earlier or later work.

Well, here I quote Ed’s words:

‘Secret Samadhi is the sound of full retreat, yet not out of fear but necessity. I was only 25 and already half-eaten by the monster of show-business. We were spiraling and spinning into the hell of cultural acceptance; we were successful! Something had to be done! We’ll make a record that dances, explodes and swirls all around, and it shall be about “nothing”. God, how I still love it.’

To me it makes sense.

I, only 25 and already half-eaten by the monster of the IT industry, right now am caught up in the creation of my own Secret Samadhi.