The Meaning of Live

I happened upon the CD store over lunch and picked up a couple of new CD’s to add to the iPod collection. (Yes I do sometimes actually buy music, even though the record companies don’t deserve it.)

As it turned out one of the CDs is Live’s “Awake – the best of Live”. And then it happened. While reading through comments in the cover art I found the answer to a long-running mystery – What was Secret Samadhi (Live’s 3rd album) all about? While all of Live’s other albums had made sense and fit in with their profile, Secret Samadhi seemed off-beat, obscure and very dark – much more so than any of their earlier or later work.

Well, here I quote Ed’s words:

‘Secret Samadhi is the sound of full retreat, yet not out of fear but necessity. I was only 25 and already half-eaten by the monster of show-business. We were spiraling and spinning into the hell of cultural acceptance; we were successful! Something had to be done! We’ll make a record that dances, explodes and swirls all around, and it shall be about “nothing”. God, how I still love it.’

To me it makes sense.

I, only 25 and already half-eaten by the monster of the IT industry, right now am caught up in the creation of my own Secret Samadhi.