Big Concerts, Coca Cola Colab, 5fm all suck…,

Bringing out some of the best rock bands in the world was a no brainer. Even I could have organised that. It’s a simple equation:
rock bands + starved rock audience = big moola$$$.

Unfortunately the only way the concert would be a complete success was if all the facilities and logistics around it were properly organised too.

Shame on you 5fm for not understanding the passive nature of rock audiences.
Shame on you 5fm for never playing rock music so the bands are disappointed when people don’t recognise the songs.
Shame on you 5fm for pretending you’re something you’re not.
Shame on you for sending the worst MCs in the world.
Shame on you for not telling Collective Soul and Metallica that they were actually in Pretoria.

Shame on you Big Concerts for letting food run out.
Shame on you Big Concerts for letting drink run out.
Shame on you Big Concerts for thinking you needed a cooling off period at the bar.
Shame on you Big Concerts for forcing people to remove jewellery that may be construed as dangerous – it’s just bling.
Shame on you Big Concerts for queues for the bathroom, the food, the drink, outside, everywhere.
Shame on you Big Concerts for no traffic control.
Shame on you Big Concerts for poor security.
Shame on you Big Concerts for having to change your tune halfway through the day and start allowing people to bring in plastic bottles and other food.
Shame on you for letting something trip some power circuits during one of Collective Soul’s biggest songs.
Shame on you for making Collective Soul tell you to pay the power bill.
Shame on you Big Concerts.

Quick story:
I was in the Golden Circle, on the left hand side when facing the stage. I saw at least 5 people jump the low wall to access the Golden Circle area, without having the required ticket, during the space of 20 minutes. Only once I told the security people that they had a HUGE risk did they actually start barricading that area. I felt like a shit for doing it, but if that fence had not gone up and Metallica had come on stage, the Golden Circle would have been flooded by people climbing into it, which would lead to an uncontrollable and dangerous situation.

Shame on you Coca Cola for not making sure that Big Concerts and 5fm had a handle on things.

It is time for a new events company in South Africa. Someone who CAN organise a proper concert. Be careful Big Concerts, you’re about to become real small.

I am NOT looking forward to the facilities at the Robbie Williams concert.

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i agree with everything you said (except the golden circle issue, as i was standing at the back of the field). it was attrocious (sp?).

So sorry it was kak – but suddenly really glad I didn’t fork out the dosh to go. If this mess happens at the Robbie concert, and his beautiful, beautiful voice is cut off, there’ll be REAL drama!

ps: really lovely to meet you last week 🙂

To 5FM: If you are going to pretend that you know anything about Rock music, at least try to do a good job of it.

Hey Shaun

I agree – “shame on them”. Still, it looks to me (from the awesome flickr pics) like you had fun. Love the hair, but what’s with the nail varnish? Perhaps black next time?

Yeah, ok, so late planning lead me to have to use darkish red nail polish. All the same – the whole thing just helps get into the atmosphere, and yeah it really rocked.

Everyone else was wearing black nail varnish, so yeah, I was a bit different, if maybe a bit queer looking…

More pics are coming – can’t clean them up and upload fast enough!!!
(Rumour has it I work in this place too…)

Well, bands were awesome, especially Metallica (I been waiting since I was born to see them!), but shame on you Shaun for being so pc!!! No drink, no food (thanks to Engen for keeping more drink and food in stock than Supersport Park!), water in supply if you knew where to go for it, but still so many ppl standing in line there you would have thought it was free!! And saddest of all, we didn’t get to drink one beer! Wasn’t going to spend an hour and a half waiting for it to be told that it was sold out.

Yeah shame on you for telling security to baracade the fence, I was just about to jump over when they started doing so.

Big concerts are the only ones to blame here. The worst orginised concert EVER!!

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