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Metallica – The Band That Would Not Leave

Metallica - James Hetfield
Saturday’s concert was awesome, despite the problems detailed in my last post. As a matter of fact, I’d have to write an essay just to do each act justice.

All the supporting acts performed really good sets – sticking to the hits and keeping the crowd alive. The only band that seemed to be a bit flat was The Rasmus, but I’ve had plenty of exposure to Finns, and relatively speaking they were positively jovial!!!

Simple Plan
were great openers, Seether rocked with all their classics and some new material too, Collective Soul had a great (gremlin-filled) performance and Metallica just blew everyone away, over and over again. James Hetfield has a stage presence second to none. They owned that stadium. By the end of their two hour long performance they looked just as tired as we did (probably far more) and yet they did not want to leave the stage. Our enthusiasm gave big man James gooseflesh! Lars practically died of exhaustion on stage too!

Was it worth the R500? Hell yeah.

After about 15 minutes of us cheering them and them cheering us, eventually they left the stage with a promise to return soon.

Oh, you want photos? Check here…

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