Bullard Bullshit

David Bullard has missed a trick with his latest column attacking bloggers. I bet he didn’t expect the brilliant turnaround time in which bloggers ripped him a new one responded to his column. At the time of my writing this I’ve seen at least five or six blog posts which basically tear Bullard’s drivel to pieces.

Of course, Bullard’s earliest response will probably only be published in a week’s time – more power to the traditional media. NOT.

Here’s what I can add to the conversation:

If David Bullard’s concern is that of regulating content and restricting bloggers then he should turn to his nearest lawyer. A short conversation later he will have the answer that blogs are subject to the same laws that already exist governing free speech in South Africa. Just because it is on the internet doesn’t make it above the law. Furthermore, a quick chat with any of those gun-toting nerd bloggers will inform him that true anonymity on the internet is a lot harder to pull off than it seems.

Mr Bullard should worry that if he takes a sabbatical he will return to find himself redundant. With 70 million people openly expressing their opinion on a subject, what makes his opinion any better? The fact that it has been printed on a dead tree? I think not.

Guys, I think Mr Bullard needs to find out what an aggregator is, which will guide him to the good content.

“These are the sort of wackos who gun down their fellow students at university”. Really, Mr Bullard? Was that really necessary? Where’s your editorial and moral compass now?

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I love this stuff – this is exactly what the US blogosphere and US media went through about 2 years ago and it’s hitting us now. Our community is growing strong and we’re starting to intimidate.

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Sorry dude, I have to agree with the Bull. Your blog is fine, but the majority are plain crap, man! Bored and frumpy wannabe writers who whine on and on about their boring lives and their boring fantasies, and then state “my freinds all says I a goode riter.” Ja.

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