Bullard Hilarity Ensues

A couple of beautiful video responses with David Bullard shooting from the hip at the blogosphere. Fun stuff. Certainly as suspected there was no malicious intent there, perhaps just a few misguided words. Credit to Mr Bullard for participating so openly with the blogosphere.

See the videos here.

Now I wonder whether it was all just The Sunday Times simply sucker-punching the blogosphere into generating a huge buzz for them? Although, to me it seems they are quite in awe of the power and strength of our little part of the blogosphere.

If anything, this a beautiful little burden of proof for anyone who wants to show the power of the blogosphere.

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2 replies on “Bullard Hilarity Ensues”

I wil probably be shot in the hood for this comment later tonight, but here goes.

There are awful bloggers out there (present company excluded), whose contributions are akin to turds and vomit, and the only reason they get read is because they have this amazing mass circulation tool in te form of the internet, allowing complete strangers to read their effete drivel. no, all are not bad, Bullard’s one big mistake, but i daresay on te balance, the majority are terrible. If ou disagree, how many blogs do you read daily? weekly? monthly? and by contrast, how many blogs have you read only once, and resolved not to return?

when bullard insults affirmative action, or fat girls, or ugly people or criminals, they get upset- i usually say, “christ don’t be so touchy- fool! its just an opinion, and if it cuts that deep, then something isn’t right. Now we have been slighted slightly, and already we’re saying nasty things like ‘the bullet should have had a different trajectory’

what i have just seen reminds me (in all but extremity) of the muslim uprising about those (lets admit it) tame caricatures of Mohammed. Bloggers are not immune to criticism, and being a blogger doesn’t automatically make someone a good person.

is what bullard said true? sure, at least partly. Virginia tech psycho was a blogger. this doesn’t mean the blog made him do it. the quality and editorial oversight is necessarily lacking, a lot of it is of poor quality. some is brilliant. in the USA such people often migrate from blog to ‘serious’ print media.

that he attacked our art is sad, but an artist must accept that there will always be critics. sorry.

post scriptum: i like bullard. i like that he reserves no punches, isn’t politically correct and writes without seventeen filters and twelve instances of the word “alleged” in every sentence. i like that he is outspoken and that he doesn’t care to offend the crap out of someone. i enjoy laughing at those people he makes fun of. but now- now that it cuts a bit closer to home, i reckon we gotta roll with the punches and accept that for once, we are the brunt of the joke. laugh it off for god’s sake, and post about the far scarier access to information act. a nazi-zimbabwe styled censorship law.

his ‘lost credibility’ is like saying jeremy clarkson loses credibility when he rips off another car.

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