Nokia is not evil

Great news for the Open Source/Free Software community is that Nokia is basically giving patent indemnity to any potential patent infringements that the Linux kernel developers may have committed. I always had a good feeling about Nokia, and this just adds to the warm fuzziness. Now they really need to focus on building better phones, […]

Cherryflava thinks Musica sucks. But how bad?

Just to add to our woes as described on Cherryflava’s site, Cherry managed to miss the fact that the Musica download site, on top of being hugely incompatible with the target market for music downloads, is also hosted in the United Kingdom – fat lot of good that does for us international-bandwidth restricted suckers in […]

LinuxWorld/Futurex 2005 Johannesburg, South Africa

Wednesday saw me writing my level 2 LPI exams at LinuxWorld in Sandton, Johannesburg, which gave me the perfect opportunity to dash around the expo (the conference was, unfortunately, outside of my budget). So we’ll start with the Futurex portion… Boring. Boring. Boring. I don’t think that barcode printers or scanners are the future. I […]

Enhancing Data Transfer Rates

When RFC1149 was originally published on April 1 1990, it seemed that the entry barrier to implementing this method of encapsulation was too high. But as always in technology, time has seen change and it took a mere 11 years for a working implementation of TCP IP over Avian Carriers to surface. Now with the […] a haven for 419ers

So according to the Spamhaus project, whose spam realtime blacklists I have just implemented, has at least five listings for hosting spam relays. See them here. I’m not going to bypass these blacklists for the sake of one or two adsl clients that use my mail servers, they must complain to Telkom. It is […]

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