Business Day takes Telkom apart

On the back of a new study by Genesis Analytics, the Business Day has ripped Telkom’s pricing structure to shreds with the following articles: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Finally, some of the excellent citizen journalism is taking root in traditional media.

Rock Star Power

If you don’t understand my new tagline (Rock Star Hacker in Training), here is something to show you where I’m heading…

LPI Level 1 Certified

Great news! I’m ecstatic to announce that I passed my LPIC Level 1 Certification and will be looking into Level 2 in the near future. More info about LPI is here. You can verify my certification here. Just plug in my LPIID : LPI000076500 (a styling LPI number, isn’t it?) and my verification code: nke8af4ju3.

Bluescreen no longer

So it seems the days of seeing a “blue screen of death” at the airport may be over, however they have been lovingly replaced with a “low disk space warning”. See Now arriving… low disk space”. Looking closely the problem appears to stem from Arkansas, but at least it is timely. 🙂

Blogging from the LPI Mass Certification Event

Well, I’m here at Smartsource (in the Novell building at Morningside Wedge Office Park) where they are hosting a mass Linux LPI certification event – a conspiracy to take over the world (ok, maybe just South Africa for now) dreamt up by the folks at Afribiz. I’ve just finished LPIC102, and did LPIC101 this morning, […]

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