The Truth Behind Streaming Internet Radio in South Africa

Not everything is as it seems. But if you read this research report on the growth of Internet Radio in South Africa, I’ll take you behind the smoke and mirrors and allow you to experience some of the stink. Put it this way, there’s a lot of nonsense being spread, and I cut through to […]

A Comparison of Mobile Data Offerings – 13 June 2012

I did a quick comparison of current mobile data offerings for a friend, so I figured I may as well just publish it here for everyone. The basic requirement is for some mobile data connectivity – emails, facetube and such on a laptop, but not necessarily huge downloads. Most of the deals suck in that […]

Where the Music Revolution Started – Apple’s launch of the iPod”] Boom! Gonna miss you Steve.

Put it in your pipe and store it – thoughts on data storage

Roelof Temmingh introduced a fascinating idea in his talk on tea at Zacon II yesterday, and I woke up this morning with some free time and an iPad handy, so I decided to explore the concept of using a “series of tubes” as a storage medium a little closer. At this stage it’s just a […]

Nokia N97: The Truth

Being in the middle of a big, still largely unresolved, fight with Nokia over the expensive piece of crap that is an N97, I just wish I’d seen this video before I ever even thought of getting an N97. The real tragedy is that Nokia have pretty much lost one of their biggest fan-boys at […]

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