Mo Unplugged at High Flyers

So I skipped on out last night to High Flyers in Boksburg with JP for a beer or two and happened to see the one-man band “Mo” playing there. I have to say he had some pretty impressive guitar work. His music choise was all over the place, which made it very interesting to watch […]

Changing Tune

So, surprisingly, it was not very difficult to figure out how to replace a guitar string on my acoustic once I had a bit of guidance from I got a set of extra light gauge strings, it was recommended by the guy at the store, so I’m guessing they should be fine to use […]

‘Burst’ at Charelli’s

Thursday evenings are quickly becoming “new music talent scout evenings” for Brad and I. Last night a four piece rock outfit going by the name ‘Burst’ took the stage at Charelli’s. From the outset it was obvious that the guys were not as polished as other acts we’ve seen, but somehow that was a good […]

Saving Silence at Charelli’s

Last night’s adventures turned into an unexpected treat – Brad and I went out for what was supposed to be a quick drink at Charelli’s – and discovered a great rock band playing there. Saving Silence is a 5 piece outfit boasting powerful melodic rock, solid acoustic guitarwork and a few edgy twists in their […]

Cherryflava thinks Musica sucks. But how bad?

Just to add to our woes as described on Cherryflava’s site, Cherry managed to miss the fact that the Musica download site, on top of being hugely incompatible with the target market for music downloads, is also hosted in the United Kingdom – fat lot of good that does for us international-bandwidth restricted suckers in […]

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