Seether Careless Whisper Video

Rock band Seether usually do a pretty good job with the creativity in their music videos, and this brand new Commodore-64 inspired video has that same cleverness to it, but I get the awkward feeling this music video is meant for a very different song. It feels quite contrived and the two just don’t quite […]

UCT RAG Helps You Launch Your Band

The guys at UCT RAG have an awesome competition going for all up and coming bands. Basically it’s a battle of the bands with a stack of great prizes, including: A gig at Assembly, a slot at Rocking the Daisies, a playing contract, a voucher from Marshall Music, a professional photoshoot and more. Even better, […]

My Levi’s Vintage Sundays Review

Southern Gypsey Queen and Jack Hammer played Tings ‘n Times on Sunday. There’s very little you can say about Jack Hammer without using superlatives. I’ve had the privilege of watching them play on more than a few occasions, and this gig proved to be as brilliant, as inspiring, as any before. But this time it […]

Best of 2007 Music

As per this post, I’ve compiled my own list of the most-played music added to my iPod in 2007. Interesting. The Cliks – Oh Yeah – 55 Plays (I had a phase, OK!) Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race (Mandatory emo patch) Harris Tweed – Beautiful Mystery (Now we’re […]

Guns ‘n Roses Postpones World Tour, Still to Play Coke Fest. Ke?

So I just picked up off Idolator that Guns ‘n Roses are postponing their world tour due to an injury to bassist Tommy Stinson’s hand. Great, so now we get an even more watered-down version of an already watered-down band. Frankly I’m surprised Big Concerts didn’t just pull the plug… Tags: MyCokeFest, GunsNRoses, tour, band, […]

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