Hedonism, but no Skunk Anansie

I seem to have finally recovered enough from the past week’s activities to get this post up. I also managed to bruise my finger while playing guitar last night (new strings, no practice, visions of Metallica, etc), so if there are any typos please bear with me.

21st March was Human Rights Day here in SA (It also happens to be the start of the quick slide into winter, which I hate), and so after a quiet braai at a friend’s house, myself and Pro-Soccer-Story-Boy decided to find some entertainment to exercise our most basic human rights and heat things up at the same time.

Carnal delights of the flesh was the choice for the evening as we headed into the heretofore unknown venue that is The Lounge. (Our attempts at a Teazers visit were stymied by a slow business day.)

Jean-pant isn’t quite acceptable attire for this establishment, but following a quick wardrobe renovation (thank goodness I have a jacket-in-the-car policy) we entered the swanky yet almost empty club and found ourselves a comfortable table in the corner, relaxed on the comfy couches, and ordered a couple of drinks. This experience had VIP treatment written all over it.

Despite its upmarket expensive location and reputation The Lounge actually seems to be pretty good value for money once you cash back the vouchers received at the door, and I’m impressed that it feels a lot more relaxing and way more comfortable than Teazers. The business is also not as transparent as Teazers, where you literally feel the money draining out of your pockets as the women remove their clothing. The Lounge is far more laid back and customer friendly and far more social. I guess Teazers is to this place as Hunter’s Rock is to Teazers, and Hunter’s Rock is bad bad bad…

The reason we were there, of course, is to look at girls, and after sampling the eye-candy and a couple of chats here and there, PSSB and I decided to have the lovely Jez and Ginger as our hostesses for the evening… It was a tough decision, but it was a good choice we made.

Food and drink slipped past in a blur as we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, purely for the sake of our own enjoyment and self satisfaction. this evening would be a reward for our (mostly) hard earned cash. Forgetting all else, we were dancing with the ladies, rejecting their offers of (double!!) payment for us to remove our clothing, and generally just having a great time. Ginger, Jez, you girls rock.

Of course the music plays an all important role in a venue like this. Firstly PSSB was devastated to realize how much Madonna’s latest hit ripped off ABBA, especially considering he likes(d) the Madonna song. Following this we had to endure the agony of about five Bulgarian pop/dance songs, which had been requested by a party of visiting Bulgarians. The Bulgarians also promptly decided that the raised floor was theirs to dance on, pole-hugging and all. Bored to death and worried about the strange dancing behaviour of these foreigners, and at the offer of the DJ, we placed our own request for some rock music.

Boy oh boy did we get what we asked for – enter the sounds of Metallica with a beautiful woman dancing in various states of undress just for me – and she even knew the words!! Metallica will never be the same again – [flashback] – this was what the Metallica concert should have been like – [flashback again] good food, plenty of alcohol and a scantily-clad, gorgeous woman on my lap. [aaah, flashback once more]

There is something amazingly tantalizing and erotic about a woman who smells good. These women wear the most amazing perfumes – I must have looked like I needed a line to schnarf with the way I was nosing around them, inhaling their essence.

[–snip out too much detail right about here–]

The entertainment continued well into the evening, turning the night into a raging success.

PSSB and I will be back to visit The Lounge I’m sure.

What? It was a “business meeting”!

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I am sure the Lounge is classy, but I know someone who works there and she is the dogdiest chick I have ever met. So I think that you got lucky meeting the nice ones.

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