Do Not Use! is an “Empowered Global Shopping Experience”. Pah!
More like, a silly proxy tool for snooping into your browsing and changing the currency on your webpage.


While I applaud the innovation I am compelled to criticise the service.

In essence this service is a glorified proxy server, routing all your traffic over the MyOrbital server in the United States – perfect for visiting those “naughty sites” from the office network!! (and providing a certain level of anonymity I suppose) Visit from within and without using to see this in action.

The really scary part is that any secure traffic to an online store is decrypted to insert the currency information and then re-encrypted by MyOrbital before it is sent to you, a man-in-the-middle situation if you will. Thus all bank or credit card or login details are visible to MyOrbital.

So how much do you trust MyOrbital with your credit card information, your purchasing habits, your browsing habits etc. etc. ??

Put simply, you’re far better off (and far safer) using a simple Currency Conversion Firefox extension. (Find it at

The service also kills screen real estate and makes browsing a ‘letterbox’ experience.

I’m sorry, no. This has bad karma spraypainted all over it. The very idea of payment info being accessed by an unknown entity somewhere in transit stinks. Bad bad bad, naughty intercept and invade privacy.

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