MyOrbital tracks back

Marnitz Gray from Orbital VX Corporation has responded to my criticism of the service. You can also follow the comment stream on ITWeb.

Some comments on his blog response:
‘…I doubt for one second that Shaun read our privacy policy…’
Doubt longer. I read it twice actually, well before I made any comment.

…One with such fierce criticism doesn’t give much advice on what we should’ve done instead…’
So should I just fix the problem or should we develop a whole business plan? Maybe I should market the service for you too? (Already am, it seems – no such thing as bad publicity) If I were going to suggest an alternative solution, I’d rather build it myself. (Hence ‘applauding the innovative idea’)

‘…More people on the internet use Internet Explorer as apposed to Firefox…’
Umm, yah, at the moment anyway. It’s changing. People who do more e-commerce online (techies, power users, etc) are already running Firefox. I’m not going to debate this point though. It’s been done.

‘…need an extension for every site that you visit…’
Not necessarily, you just need one that works with Firefox 1.5. (Now there’s another market gap for MyOrbital.)

‘…We are hard at work on a toolbar…’
Well good luck, it may solve the problem. On the other hand I need to place it under my Google Toolbar, under my Jonga Toolbar, under my Yahoo Toolbar, and my anti-phishing toolbar. Internet Explorer Toolbars may be a little tired…

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