MFC Thieves

Motor Finance Corporation helped themselves to an extra R3k at the end of last month. Now I have to fight to get it back… What the hell is wrong with these people? How does our banking system allow this? Where are the checks and procedures?

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Hi Shaun,

Thanks for these notes regarding MFC. I’m currently looking at purchasing a car, and MFC was the finance group the dealer presented. I would have taken it if I hadn’t done some research first and read the literally hundreds of complaints and horror stories about them. has over 100 complaints about them, and something like 4 positive comments.

I’ll be looking at Wesbank.


That toatally happened to me a few months ago. Then when your other debit orders bounce and you get a bad credit rating they will come back to you and say that they won’t finance your next car because of those debit orders to your insurance that rejected.


Ricky Catto

i have the same problem,4k was paid above my installment of 2k and the answer i get is you signed for it on your contract,now im battling to get my cash refunded,mfc sucs

hi guys mfc repod my vehicle auctioned it off and got more out of the deal than what i owed now they are still wanting more money out of me.mfc you should be investigated.

MFC are the worst financial co you can think off, how the hell do they get away with it, one of the staff used the F word on me.

Guys I was financed by MFC I am happy with their services, but there is a scenario here I cant aford to pay my car installment and I am not in areas my account is uptodate, yes I still need a car but the one I will aford to pay at the moment I’m paying R6000 a month and +- R3000 will do for me
What can I do?

I too have had the WORST service from MFC. All your complaints about them seem to go nowhere as no one seems to listen or care. Their statements are a waist of paper as they really don’t say much and customer service well it doesn’t exist.

I’ve picked that too, MFC is runned by crooks as I had less that R2000 left on my car and when i called them to find out exactly what was my settlement, they said it was R4608.26 which it was ridiculuos. I then asked them to send me my transaction history and it clearly shows that all my payments were successful and this lady said it’s probably the interest. But how can interest be more that R3000?

I really dont have words for such a huge company, that hires the most incompetent people to work for them. Business must be very good now so they ignore our mails, but one day because of all this bad mails business will slack. You know what they say the table turns and than we will sit back and ask who is the dum ass now.

HI MFC REP0 MY CAR AND THERE WAS A SHORT FALL OF +/- 170k which i already paid now they are asking for 140k which they claim is intrest this is a total rip off. We try to negociate with mfc but no leaniantcy what shall i do

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