On Successful Deployment of Access Management Solutions

I have seen many access control/identity/privilege management projects fail miserably because of an unstructured approach to implementation by Corporate Governance. A tool is bought and implementation attempted with no engagement with or buy-in from the technical people who will have to surmount the inconveniences of the tool when it misbehaves at 3AM on a Sunday […]

MusicDNA Is MusicDOA [Audio Format Foolishness]

It’s sprayed all over the SA IT media: “MusicDNA will rescue the MP3 from oblivion”, “MusicDNA to succeed MP3“, “MusicDNA predicted to rival MP3“, “MusicDNA: New digital file that is son of MP3 unveiled“. And it’s all a crock of shit. MusicDNA should be MusicDOA. Why? Well firstly, (Mail and) Guardian, file formats are female, […]

FIFA World Cup Durban Site Cookie Fail

Apparently the 2010 Durban FIFA World Cup site cost 6.5 million bucks to develop. Yeah. R6.5 million. R 6 500 000. I’m making that a tax deduction on my IRP5 next year. I asked for more details, but only time will tell if they release that info. Anyway, according to their Privacy Policy the site […]

Ph33r the D0n th4t i5 LowVoltage [FUD]

Image via Wikipedia Here’s one that’s good for a laugh. This ‘LowVoltage’ guy sounds pretty evil. Shew! The ‘Low Voltage’ hackers He runs with the name “Low Voltage” and is the don of South Africa’s underground movement of techno trouble-stirrers who could, with the click of a mouse, cause your company to fall into the […]

Handy list of Facebook Privacy Settings

Allfacebook.com recently published a handy list of 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know. Included in the list are instructions for creating custom friend lists, removing yourself from search results, preventing tagged photos of you from being visible to all, and restricting access to stories and contact information. It’s a very handy guide with […]

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