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New Look and Upgrade

Yes, don’t be surprised, this is still Shaun Dewberry’s Weblog. You’re at the right place! I conducted a quick and relatively painless upgrade from b2evolution directly to WordPress 2.5 using the instructions located here.

As time goes by I’ll get cracking on adding all those little extras you’re used to seeing on this page. WordPress should also facilitate a lot more from my side. Enjoy the new look and vast improvements! I know I certainly will.

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Hi, Shaun,

Which process did you use, the script or did you do the Movable Text import..

I have a 2.4 b2evolution installed and non of the above are working…
The script ran but did not import anything, from some research, lookis like the table structure has changed from 0.9 b2e and 2.4…

If you used the MT option, please can you PM me more info…


Hi Brett,

I used the script. Unfortunately, yes, there were some pretty big changes between b2evo 0.9.1 and later versions so that probably won’t help you much. Good luck with your migration.

Hi Shaun,

The power of Backups…

What I did was roll back from b2e 2.4 to my last version 1.04 something. Both the Database and the Directories people…
Then tried to run the script and received errors.

I then proceeded to try the Movable Type override of the skin and this worked 100% although their instructions to get archived posts did not work but with a little hacking the b2evo settings, I was able to do a one file upload of all previous posts.

Thanks for your original post.

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