10 Friday Weekly Highlights

So in anticipation of a quiet Friday, here’s a collection of links to the most interesting of the past few weeks: (Actually just an excuse to clear up some browser tabs!!). A (Photo) History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things Sometimes being the POTUSA has its advantages, sometimes it doesn’t… The 40 Most Sexual […]

Win a 3 year School of Advertising Bursary

AAA School of Advertising (the name must be a legacy yellow-pages hack) and Springleap just sent me details of a competition for aspiring designers and marketers at high schools across the country. Design a T-Shirt, market it to get votes, most votes wins. The prize: a 3 year bursary to learn everything the AAA School […]

Happy Birthday Vernon Koekemoer!

It’s been a long exciting road this past year for the Vernon Koekemoer legend. From the ramboguy.co.za site to facebook to being all over the intwerwebs on Youtube and Zoopy and BlueWorld and more. So here’s a hat tip to Cassie Booyse – the coolest guy on the planet, indeed He R Legend, as we […]

AdGator Copies Text Link Ads [Blatant Design Piracy]

The single most irritating thing about South Africans, the interwebs, and web 2.0 is that nobody can dream up a single original idea and build it. (Except for, I’m hoping, this guy). We copy muti from digg, amatomu and afrigator from technorati, Synthasite from [choose-your-lame-site-builder], Blueworld “social network” (ahem!) from myspace, AmaGama/iBlog from WordPress.com/Blogger, Zoopy/YouTube, […]

Blog Titles With Underscores and SEO

Over the past few days I’ve been messing around with Google Webmaster Tools in an effort to make sure that all the little bugs and issues from my major blog upgrade, from b2evolution to wordpress, a few months back are ironed out. As always, there tend to be silly little things that are the real […]

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