Rants Says Keep the TV On [Idiots in the Dark Division]

Power Alert Warning

Yes, at this time of crisis, with a desperate shortage of electricity, the best thing YOU can do is: Keep your TV on!

Morons. TVs use huge amounts of power. Turn the damn thing off.

Oh, but wait, if everyone turned off their TV how would we continue to brainwash the masses?

[Link:] Not worth the time really.

Oh, and I’ve solved Eskom’s problem:
Implement Daylight Saving Time. It has a strong history of creating reduced power usage.

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2 replies on “ Says Keep the TV On [Idiots in the Dark Division]”

If you think the electrical shortages are unacceptable try and get a response from the Department of Home Affairs.
I spent an hour holding on, spoke to a couple of monkeys and eventually the call ended.
Of all the government departments the Home Affairs takes the cake. I have waited 6 months for my name to be officially changed. I feel really sorry for people who need an identity document to carry on with their life. The only place that works well is the Receiver of Revenue. The reason for that is MONEY.

los die geysers aan. dit trek meer krag as mens dit aan en af sit elke keer. ons almal weet ons moet krag spaar nou wil ek weet hoe werk dit dan as daar baie straat ligte is wat helder oor dag brand op pad Benoni toe en gebiede na aan Benoni?

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