To Bike or Not To Bike – There Is No Question

A little over a month ago I was lucky enough to have my first ever ride on the back of a superbike. It was on a beautiful, dry, wide open piece of road between Lydenburg and Dullstroom with a biker who I trust implicitly and it was incredible. It left such a strong impression that I’m now quickly approaching the day when I get a bike of my own. Yep, 28 years in and the biker bug has eventually bitten. Pre-midlife crises rock.

So what do you need to do this whole bike thing?

License. (Learners at least)
Bike. (Or money or credit to get one)
A Gang.

I started with none of the above.

Over the next few blog entries I’ve decided to describe the process I’m following in my attempts to get street legal on two wheels. It isn’t an easy path, but if I look at my timeframe thus far, I’m doing pretty damn well – keep an eye out for the next entry which will describe the process of obtaining a learners license.

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Sounds like fun! I’ve been thinking about getting a bike for some time myself. Just having a spot of difficulty convincing hubby that it’s a good idea. (And this from a man who had me on the back of his Guzzi into my 20th week of pregnancy…)

Not that it seemed as if you were asking for advice, but as a biker (27 years old, 11 of which riding practically every day), I’d have to suggest some training in there somewhere. The Michelin Superbike School is an excellent institution (no, I’m not affiliated) and have training for novices to pro’s, not expensive and a whole lot of fun.

I can also preach day and night about the importance and value of ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time), ‘dressing for the fall and not the ride’ and ‘sweating is better than bleeding’, but your gear is only as useful in a crash as what you paid for it – don’t buy a 100k bike and then skimp on your gear, budget at LEAST 10k.

I can help you with the gang bit though 😉

Otherwise, good luck with the licensing department, and happy, safe riding!

Reinhardt, when it comes to riding advice I believe one simply cannot get enough. Your comments are extremely valid.
I’ve just finished my buying splurge, and cheap it was not, but I fully agree with your sentiment – if you’re putting yourself out there, you’ve got to be properly prepared.

Fortunately I was also able to make use of the buying mistakes of a few friends in that I got great advice on how to not waste money on rubbish.

I also completed the rider training course that bmwmotorrad offers, which contained tons of very, very important information. Worth every penny indeed. I’m looking forward to attending further schooling such as what you mentioned above too.

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