SaredlogoI had the privilege of witnessing something great last night. I think it’s proof that South Africa is getting there and that there are people who want to and can make things work.

Picture the scene: 5 guys (3 of one race, 2 of another) and 2 beautiful, scantily clad women sitting at the same table. Now one would think that all the attention would be focused on the ladies. Not so. The poor ladies, who were supposed to be our entertainment, had a serious attention deficit. But why?

Two of the guys were having a detailed discussion on the merits of time travel versus doing the best you can in the present, (with a whole lot of other alcohol-induced philosophy). The other guys were discussing racism, crime, politics, the future of our country and open-source versus closed source IT. All these discussions were crossing all racial barrier lines with nobody getting upset, or angry. Just intelligent, well thought-out conversation. As it turns out, we all have the same basic set of concerns for South Africa. And we’re all doing our darndest to improve things.

I saw the future of our country last night. It looked promising. Very promising. I was proud to see that.

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