Tale of a Jaeger Bomb Starter Kit

More on the headline later. Wow, this weekend was just stupid. Stupid boring for the most part that is.

Friday: Leave work late with rumour of party happening at La Boom. I hate La Boom. Correction – I’m not the hating type, I just don’t particularly like La Boom. End up skipping it. Spend the evening dealing with standby support calls from work. Oh, and building on the Firefox extension which I hijacked to try improve. Debugging javascript sans tools is a bitch. Watch old friends episode and hilarious Lethal Weapon II featuring South African accents and apartheied style racism comments galore.

Saturday: Up with a lovely call at 7am for more work support. Spent the next 6 to 8 hours deploying apps and fixing problems. This is not what I signed up for when considering standby support is it? Oh well. Take a long bath and have a cigarette to calm down. Later in the afternoon I start making plans to hit a jol, see a band or do something that evening. Phone the world, well, the world except JP, but the world doesn’t answer – I’ll have to go it alone. As I’m about to get all dressed up I end up fielding another support call. Two hours later I’m working, pissed off and miles away from anything resembling a band. Oh well, b-grade afrikaans TV the rest of the evening’s entertainment will be.

Sunday: Spend the morning looking for a good business card design for 52weeks. Read fully half of Hugh Macleod’s entire blog from entry number one. Awesome reading. Eventually settle on a number of candidate designs which I will hopefully get sorted out soon. I even managed to find a cartoon there that totally made me think of Peas on Toast.

A short while later I’m dragged away from my day by Ant, JP and K who rope me into some CD shopping. Left the CD vouchers at home though. Drat. End up buying two of Seth Godin‘s books, something I would never have done pre-blog-rss era. I’m not even in marketing. Well technically everyone is in marketing – market yourself etc etc. Pretty amazing stuff this blogosphere long-tail nonsense. End up at News Cafe for a couple of beers, nachos, and chocolate brownies. After that we head on back to JP’s house for a couple more drinks. End up cracking open JP’s “Jaegerbomb starter-pack” bottle of Jaegermeister, mixing it up with some Red Bull, and drowning ourselves in herbal energy while obnoxiously singing hits from The Parlotones‘ RadioControlledRobot album at the ceiling.

At last, a hint of weekend finally arrived on Sunday evening. I would’ve been a wreck this morning if that hadn’t happened.

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