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On Thursday I decided to eventually bite the bullet and beat the rand/dollar threat by just ordering the camera lens I’ve been looking at for a long time – the Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8D. So there were a couple options –, were the first two that came to mind. Unfortunately these guys don’t carry stock, so the price was tagged to the rand dollar of the day, unlike the *real* business, SAcamera, who carry stock and can fulfill orders fast, and change their prices based cost of their orders and a markup, not on the cost of a dollar that day.

What’s more, I ordered the lens on Thursday, paying via credit card. On *Friday afternoon* at 16:28, a few minutes before I was chasing my first beer of the weekend, I received an sms updating me that the order had just been shipped. I thought all Capetonians would be on the beach by that time! I was also able to track the shipment as it passed the various waypoints of delivery. Monday morning the lens was at the office before I was.

Even better, my order is probably for one of the cheapest lenses they carry, but I felt like I’d spent a million bucks with the way the transaction went down.

Nice work, SAcamera! You’ve won a new dedicated customer.

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About SAcamera:

I bought a digital camera (Lumix DMC-ZS5) and a spare battery. The website doens’t tell you which battery the camera uses. The list of batteries for Lumix didn’t seem to be a battery for my camera, so I ordered the one that seemed to be for the same kind of cameras as mine. I really needed the extra battery and I had only a few days left before going on an extended trip overseas.

When I received the items, the battery wasn’t the right one for my camera but I didn’t have time to return the battery so I left it for after my trip.

8 weeks later, back in SA, I sent the battery to them. I got an email telling me that unfortunatelly the battery couldn’t be exchange and I had to order a new one.

I was stunned. I never expected such a response from a company that relies on clients. They don’t seem to understand what client loyalty or word of mouth mean. Now I understand the bad reviews this company gets from this site.

I can only say think twice before buying from them and be very careful if you decide to it.

Other cons:

It seems to be a huge problem for them to deliver the products to a person different from the one that places the order. Why? I can’t think of any reason why it’s not possible for them to understand that you sometimes need to send the product to someone else. In my case, I needed to send the items to an address where I was going to be in a few days. It took me quite a few phone calls to make the delivery possible.

The information of their products in their website is not accurate and misleading.

Hey Carlos,
It’s unfortunate you had such a bad experience – One can only hope that this is a rare incident.

As I stated in my post, I’ve only encountered great service from

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