Shopping Weirdness Revisited

So today I walked out of the shop with the following:

Double-sided tape.
Johnson’s Baby powder.
Panado headache tablets.
A white electric plug top. (For free cos they couldn’t tell me a price)

Strange combos in my puchasing habits… if this carries on I’m sure I’ll get onto some government psycho watchlist.

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  1. List? List? There is no list!! Hell there isn’t even a bloody spoon, so how can there be a list?

    Hmmm, oh yeah, forgot to mention the Tabard stick…

  2. The joy of living on your own. I don’t see any food on your list?

  3. I hate going to the shops for random things. When I was younger my mom sent me to the store to get mayo. Just mayo. What do you think of a kid paying JUST for mayo?

    I think I bought a chocolate too, just to not look creepy.

    But I still do it now. Like when you go buy condoms. I CAN NOT just pay for the things, I have to walk around the store, get a juice, a chocolate or two, and then when paying ask for the domes as a ‘oh by the way’.

    I’m sure they get that a lot!

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