Twittering on the cheap with MXIT and Google Talk

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I’m off to the ‘Koppi this weekend for some booze, bands and hopefully loads of bikinis.
And what better way to track my progress than via my little twitter page. (Assuming there is cellphone reception, which is pretty unlikely). Oh, and of course doing so will cost me a small international-SMS fortune.

But here’s a hint for those of you with real phones: (My RAZR died a horrible death, relegating me to Nokia 6210 land)

You can Twitter on the cheap fairly easily using a combination of MXIT and its Google Talk gateway. Here’s how:

Install MXIT, downloadable over the air or from the site. Register for a mxit account. It’s all very simple and intuitive.
Then register a Twitter account and configure your IM settings to point at your MXIT username ( or whatever). After installing the MXIT client on your phone simply add as a Google Talk contact et voila, you can now twitter at GPRS rates instead of SMS rates.
That’s bargain savings in South Africa with our rip-off telecoms industry.

It’s the beauty of open protocols and service collaboration shining to benefit the consumer.

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2 replies on “Twittering on the cheap with MXIT and Google Talk”

Have you gotten your twitter to work with MXit? I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now & somehow do not get anything thru to twitter contact.

Me thinks you’re giving Google too much cred here. Jabber is the reason Google Talk works with MXit, twitter. Adding Jabber & Google Talk contacts do exactly the same thing MXit. Only reason there are 2 alternatives in MXit is cos not everyone knows that Jabber & Google talk is exactly the same thing. Heck even MXit is jabber.

Me too struggling with this,.. managed no problem to add gtalk->twitter using the pc, and then make IM to twitter using cellphone version of gtalk,.. BUT,.. Mxit a better tool,.. maybe if you used Mxit on PC to set up the Twitter Account? not always up I think to listen??

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