Sniper Time: The Range by Tamerlan Astemirov is now Free

Sniper Time: The Range by Tamerlan Astemirov has gone FREE on the App Store. Download via

The Idiots Guide to Jailbreaking the iPad

Yes I know there are loads of other better guides out there, this post is to help point out where all the useful info is. So because I’m so filthy rich I decided to buy an iPad for myself. Yes I’ve wanted some sort of ebook device for a while, and you can’t really beat […]

Google Maps South Africa Updated… At Last

Image by niallkennedy via Flickr In a move probably more related to a push from Apple and Vodafone over the uselessness of the iPhone‘s mapping ability than out of Google‘s own world domination attempts, Google Maps has finally been updated with a vastly more comprehensive detail level on maps in South Africa. So its good […]

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