The Idiots Guide to Jailbreaking the iPad

Yes I know there are loads of other better guides out there, this post is to help point out where all the useful info is. So because I’m so filthy rich I decided to buy an iPad for myself. Yes I’ve wanted some sort of ebook device for a while, and you can’t really beat […]

Gauteng Department of Local Government Site Hacked

News of the day is that the script kiddies have gotten hold of the admin passwords for Gauteng’s Department of Local Government content management system and decided to add some Arabic flavour.  A message “Hacked by CeCeN Hack Team” now greets visitors to the previously unknown site. The message extends further with: “Allahu Ekber! denmark […]

Ph33r the D0n th4t i5 LowVoltage [FUD]

Image via Wikipedia Here’s one that’s good for a laugh. This ‘LowVoltage’ guy sounds pretty evil. Shew! The ‘Low Voltage’ hackers He runs with the name “Low Voltage” and is the don of South Africa’s underground movement of techno trouble-stirrers who could, with the click of a mouse, cause your company to fall into the […]

TED Talks – Elizabeth Gilbert on Coping with Genius

In this video, Elizabeth Gilbert delivers one of the best TED talks I’ve seen. With unexpected style, humour and confidence she discusses the creative barriers she is experiencing in her life as a writer, and pitches an excellent suggestion on how to cope with your creative genius. Nice. And while we’re on the subject, here’s […]

Record Fuel Mileage

Given today’s ever-increasing fuel prices in South Africa, you really only have two options available to you: 1. Sit in a corner and cry while waiting for the price to come down, or 2. Learn how to drive your car safely in as fuel efficient a manner as possible. I chose the latter, and it’s […]

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