My Joke Fest: 10 Reasons To Skip the Coke Zero Fest

Image via Wikipedia The name: “Coke Zero Fest” – what kind of a loser goes to a Zero Fest? Rather go to a Hero Fest… Mass dehydration and hunger at the first Coke Fest (Metallica/Centurion) was not cool – I’m still thirsty from that one. There’s no such thing as a quick beer. 1 beer […]

Emo Under Attack

It looks like people in Mexico are starting to snap at the whole ’emo’ “beweging” (to quote the Beeld), attacking them in the streets. Where were these guys when we needed them at the CokeFest?? 😉 Anyway, personally, I think emo chicks are hot. Dammit. If this carries on pretty soon I’m gonna be tasked […]

Coke Fest SA Band Lineup

Apparently they have finalised the line-up of South African acts for the 2008 schnarf-Fest. Forgive my lack of fucken enthusiasm here: WONDERBOOM, CRASH CAR BURN and LONEHILL ESTATE will only be performing in Johannesburg, and VAN COKE KARTEL and SHY GUEVARAS will only be performing in Cape Town! Wonderboom is a perfect choice. They will […]

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