Ze Frank – Emotion on The Web

Ze Frank explains some of his awesome online ideas and projects in this brilliant TED talk.
And if you don’t know Ze Frank, Sportsracer, it’s about time you did!

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Evil Boy – Die Antwoord

Zef rap rave heroes Die Antwoord have just launched their latest music video “Evil Boy” on
Very very cool effects, awesome editing, and incisive social commentary on the perils of the traditional circumcision/coming of age rituals which South African youth struggle with make this one to watch.

Well done to Die Antwoord.

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Rihanna Pays Tribute to Die Antwoord?

Die Antwoord:

Not Die Antwoord:

Know the difference!

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Fragments of Oppikoppi

Oppikoppi from the top
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This post is probably the worst Oppikoppi review ever written – it’s merely a collection of fragments from the weekend, as recovered from my phone, and vague memories.

  • The plastics: Tight. Good. No persona or identity. Too ho-hum. Too much Kooks. Why why why? Like watching the Kooks without any of the good songs.
  • Rambling bones: I’d rather watch paint dry.
  • New Academics needed their bassist. Jesus tap-dancing christ what a disappointment.
  • Ashtray Electric seemed lost. Need a focus and idea. Concept.
  • aKING step up. In style. Quirky at the start but its difficult to tell if that was a mistake or just part of their style. Thank god for aKING.
  • The Beams. One of those bands you watch but never tell your friends you saw. Ever. Cos you were smoking blunt. In the shithouse.
  • The Arrows. Good. Especially like the lower vocals and the very fucking cool kick-ass attitude.

Needless to say, my phone’s battery didn’t get much further, and at this stage I instead went in search of more interesting activities at the top bar. On the whole this was probably one of the poorer line-ups I’ve seen at koppi, but that still didn’t take anything away from the party.