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Fragments of Oppikoppi

Oppikoppi from the top
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This post is probably the worst Oppikoppi review ever written – it’s merely a collection of fragments from the weekend, as recovered from my phone, and vague memories.

  • The plastics: Tight. Good. No persona or identity. Too ho-hum. Too much Kooks. Why why why? Like watching the Kooks without any of the good songs.
  • Rambling bones: I’d rather watch paint dry.
  • New Academics needed their bassist. Jesus tap-dancing christ what a disappointment.
  • Ashtray Electric seemed lost. Need a focus and idea. Concept.
  • aKING step up. In style. Quirky at the start but its difficult to tell if that was a mistake or just part of their style. Thank god for aKING.
  • The Beams. One of those bands you watch but never tell your friends you saw. Ever. Cos you were smoking blunt. In the shithouse.
  • The Arrows. Good. Especially like the lower vocals and the very fucking cool kick-ass attitude.

Needless to say, my phone’s battery didn’t get much further, and at this stage I instead went in search of more interesting activities at the top bar. On the whole this was probably one of the poorer line-ups I’ve seen at koppi, but that still didn’t take anything away from the party.