TV Chairman Epic Fail [Financial Collapse Dept]

In perhaps the most fitting tribute to the shaky world economy, Chairperson of the Finance Portfolio Committee, Nhlanhla Nene, is brought down to earth.

The Global Financial Crisis for Dummies

If you want the lowdown on what exactly has happened in the global economy to cause the panic and strain we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks in finance markets worldwide, you could do a lot worse than the following links: In The Giant Pool of Money, This American Life producer Alex Blumberg teams […]

Record Fuel Mileage

Given today’s ever-increasing fuel prices in South Africa, you really only have two options available to you: 1. Sit in a corner and cry while waiting for the price to come down, or 2. Learn how to drive your car safely in as fuel efficient a manner as possible. I chose the latter, and it’s […]

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