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Jim Carrey as CSI’s Horatio Caine

Watch this fantastic clip where Jim Carrey, arguably one of the best actors of our time, gives his take on the trademark Horatio/Caruso one-liner.

And here’s a link to a clip with dozens of Horatio’s CSI one-liners.


Mbeki on Mugabe (via

Awesome parody satire site relates Mbeki’s comments on Mugabe:

“That’s why I sold every last shred of moral high ground the ANC had after 1994 to keep him out of the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” said Mbeki.

“Now I realise I was just like Amy Winehouse and he was like Blake. They wanted to make him go to rehab in The Hague, but I said no, no, no.

“But now I’m not sure.”

Full story here: Mugabe says there is no cholera in Zim and Heid Klum is his girlfriend.

Asides Entertainment Humor Spreading Like Wildfire

Over the past week three independent sources have shown up with the words “” on their lips. Hayibo’s got a great flavour of satire to their stuff – just enough humour but almost believable when taken in the african context… Check it out.