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Nokia Music Store [Seen One, Seen Em All]

No streaming in South Africa.
DRM crippled songs do not play on iPods. Er, hello? Are you hearing this? Are you complete and utter morons?
The “Store-front” is not compatible with alternative operating systems and browsers.
You’re almost as bad as than Pick ‘n Play.
You online music stores never learn.
And there’s always the Analog Hole, which cannot be plugged.
Nokia Music Store, congratulations, you too have blown your chance to open up online music in South Africa.

I’ll get my tunes from RhythmRecords, ThePirateBay or even Watkykjy.

Now, Nokia execs (that includes you, Mr Jake Larsen), go read this study. Here’s the gist of it:

“online music bootleggers are much more likely to pay for music online than those who don’t steal music.”

It’s simple: Give us a reasonable record store that gives us the music in a format that works for us, and you’ll make your money. And yes, FUCK the record labels. The record companies don’t know shit about the modern music business.

Jislaaik, why do you guys make me so angry? Bloody hell.