2009 Elections Results [100% for Zuma, 20% for Maths]

From the screen-shot below, I think we can safely assume who news24.com is rooting for in the SA elections of 2009. Clearly they share the exact same high-school maths ability as certain members of the ANC. Update: Click here for more ridiculous news24 election results screenshots. Related articles: ‘Stop Zuma getting two-thirds majority’ (thetimes.co.za)

The Voice of Reason?

When Jacob Zuma starts sounding like the voice of reason in the whole Zimbabwe election-stealing saga, you know you’re in trouble.

Mbeki for President!!!

I caught a glimpse of a true president yesterday – someone who stood up and said enough is enough to corruption in his government. Sure Thabo Mbeki had plenty of opportunity to hide behind the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”, but apparently there is sufficient evidence to implicate Jacob Zuma from Shabir Shaik’s verdict […]

My Shaik-Zuma Opinion

Four words to comment on President Mbeki’s required actions following the conviction of Shabir Shaik and the implication of Deputy President Jacob Zuma in a “generally corrupt relationship”: “Thabo, fire JZ’s ass!”.

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