Level 2 LPI Certification Achieved!

I’ve just received news that I passed both my LPI level 2 exams I recently wrote at LinuxWorld. That rocks! Feel free to verify my certs here.

LPI Level 1 Certified

Great news! I’m ecstatic to announce that I passed my LPIC Level 1 Certification and will be looking into Level 2 in the near future. More info about LPI is here. You can verify my certification here. Just plug in my LPIID : LPI000076500 (a styling LPI number, isn’t it?) and my verification code: nke8af4ju3.

Blogging from the LPI Mass Certification Event

Well, I’m here at Smartsource (in the Novell building at Morningside Wedge Office Park) where they are hosting a mass Linux LPI certification event – a conspiracy to take over the world (ok, maybe just South Africa for now) dreamt up by the folks at Afribiz. I’ve just finished LPIC102, and did LPIC101 this morning, […]

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