Blogging from the LPI Mass Certification Event

Well, I’m here at Smartsource (in the Novell building at Morningside Wedge Office Park) where they are hosting a mass Linux LPI certification event – a conspiracy to take over the world (ok, maybe just South Africa for now) dreamt up by the folks at Afribiz.

I’ve just finished LPIC102, and did LPIC101 this morning, and well, here’s hoping its a success – I’m pretty confident but don’t want to get ahead of myself. It’ll be great to add a decent Linux certification to my CV though, especially considering it has been my platform of choice for a number of years. Next stop – LPI Level 2 Certification.

The whole event is being operated by the Shuttleworth Foundation – they are the official LPI partner in South Africa, and things looks good. There’s a whole lot more detail here.

Also had a good chat with Jason Norwood-Young from Tectonic – South Africa’s first open source themed media publication. Sounds like they are caught up in exciting times, and I might even get a few of my musings published in their magazine in the near future – looking forward to that.

And now, after a week spent crammed in the books trying to become a Linux guru I think it is time for me to go hunt down some beer…