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GMail Labs Undo Send

If you’re like me you’re prone to whacking out a couple of scorching hot emails when you’ve found yourself angry about something. Of course within a few seconds or minutes you fully regret it and wish you could take it back. We’ve all had the person on the office exchange server who attempts to “recall” a bad message, only to discover that once it’s open on the client side, it’s open forever.

Or you’ve had to send that duplicate mail because you forget to add the damn attachment. Again. I’ve gone as far as forgetting to attach a file, going back to resend the message and simply forgetting to attach the file again…

Anyway, the new Gmail Labs feature, Undo Send, should help us email morons reduce this problem to a fair extent. Once you’ve activated it in Google Labs, you’ll see an Undo link next to the “message has been sent” alert. Hit the Undo within 5 seconds and you’ll have saved yourself from the notoriety that is email-retardation.

[Via: Gmail Blog]