The Office, South African Style

Ricky Gervais will be suitably impressed with Greg Viljoen’s portrayal of the “boss figure” in this South African tribute to the legendary The Office. It had me grinning ear to ear. Let’s hope this promo gets the attention it deserves to be turned into a full-on series.

JP Morgan Uses “Maths” to predict World Cup 2010 Winner – Why Did We Bother With Stadiums?

It seems the financial analysis gurus(?) have come to the soccer World Cup party, with a few mathematically modelled predictions for the winner of next month’s world cup here in South Africa. “JPMorgan, which described the report as “an opportunity to lightheartedly explain quantitative techniques,” applied a mathematical model, built to screen and identify stocks, […]

World Cup 2010 South Amerafrica

Yes,  right. I’m not surprised at the “controversy” highlighted in that headline. Quite glad to see this World Cup is bringing geographic enlightenment on South Africa to the whole world…

The Better Official FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Theme Song

Dear Shakira (and Freshlybackground), Go hop back into your wolf-cage. Arrrooooooooo! We already have a theme song for the FIFA World Cup that sounds way better than the WAKA KAKKA piece of crap you’ve come up with. It’s got waay more spirit and fire and a true African feel, and yes, it’s performed by an […]

Google Launches Maps for South Africa [Officially]

“As of today, new detailed maps of many South African cities and towns, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and East London, are accessible on Google Maps through any web browser or via Google Maps for Mobile on data enabled handsets.  Although already available in South Africa, the map data has been improved […]

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