The Better Official FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Theme Song

Dear Shakira (and Freshlybackground), Go hop back into your wolf-cage. Arrrooooooooo! We already have a theme song for the FIFA World Cup that sounds way better than the WAKA KAKKA piece of crap you’ve come up with. It’s got waay more spirit and fire and a true African feel, and yes, it’s performed by an […]

Google Julius Malema

I wonder if Julius knows what an interwebs is… cos the interwebs sure knows who he is:

20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord

Ok, so it’s kinda like my job a labour of love and tribute to talent to make sure their website stays up and running all perfeshinal and serving poes-cool next level beats and pics, so today I saw they’ve updated with 20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord (It’s on their “About” page.) Here are […]

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