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Prima Donna Soccer

So you’ve manged to score an overpriced ticket for the game. You’ve found your way to the stadium, bought your ridiculously overpriced beer and found your seat far back at the top of the stands. The game begins, and within minutes, even from a point as far away from him as you can possibly get, you see a guy who is paid more than you’ll ever earn in your entire life plainly and deliberately acting up a foul instead of just playing soccer? That’s not cool. Ever.

I say harden the fuck up, pussy boys. TIA, Africa is not for sissies. It’s time to remove the mistaken decisions, introduce some TV-refereeing and penalize those players who try to cheat.

If a team filled with prima donnas get through to the final I will be well upset.

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JP Morgan Uses “Maths” to predict World Cup 2010 Winner – Why Did We Bother With Stadiums?

It seems the financial analysis gurus(?) have come to the soccer World Cup party, with a few mathematically modelled predictions for the winner of next month’s world cup here in South Africa.

“JPMorgan, which described the report as “an opportunity to lightheartedly explain quantitative techniques,” applied a mathematical model, built to screen and identify stocks, to soccer. It used data including bookmakers’ odds, official FIFA world rankings, previous results and the match schedule to predict a winner.”

If they’re right, then we really did not need to spend ridiculous sums of money on infrastructure and stadiums, did we?
Let’s hope this maths hasn’t taken all the unpredictability out of the sport.

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World Cup 2010 South Amerafrica

Yes,  right. I’m not surprised at the “controversy” highlighted in that headline.
Quite glad to see this World Cup is bringing geographic enlightenment on South Africa to the whole world…

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The Better Official FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Theme Song

Dear Shakira (and Freshlybackground),

Go hop back into your wolf-cage. Arrrooooooooo!

We already have a theme song for the FIFA World Cup that sounds way better than the WAKA KAKKA piece of crap you’ve come up with.
It’s got waay more spirit and fire and a true African feel, and yes, it’s performed by an African!!

I must say I’m hella confused tho. Does anybody else want to do a FIFA theme song? How many do we get?

Another FIFA fuckup?

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FIFA World Cup Durban Site Cookie Fail

Apparently the 2010 Durban FIFA World Cup site cost 6.5 million bucks to develop. Yeah. R6.5 million. R 6 500 000. I’m making that a tax deduction on my IRP5 next year.

I asked for more details, but only time will tell if they release that info.

Anyway, according to their Privacy Policy the site does not use cookies. Firefox has something else to say about that.

Durban 2010 Website does make use of cookies.
Durban 2010 Website does make use of cookies.

It doesn’t really matter, but it adds to the general feeling of incompetence coming from Adapt-IT, the site “developers”.