Shaun Dewberry’s Weblog – 3 Years Old

Yes indeed, “Shaun Dewberry’s Weblog” in its current format is officially 3 years old today! And to think it all started 3 years ago as a place to publish “The Espoo Diaries” – still one of my best writing series ever, imho. Of course the site did exist in various incarnations before that, but those […]

The Espoo Diaries, Volume 8, 11 – 31 July 2004

Oh yes. It’s back. As they say, no story is complete without being, well, complete. The reason for delay of the final episode, you ask? The author has been on hiatus in search of a muse. That muse has arrived. Previously on The Espoo Diaries: “…soothing, sultry manner in which certain young Finnish women speak…” […]

The Espoo Diaries, Volume 2, 16-28 March 2004

Previously on The Espoo Diaries: “…I got the cash…” “…I was safe on the plane and nobody was gonna stop me now…” “…Landing in Helsinki was amazing…” “…broadband speeds (up to 2 Meg/s)…” Well it’s been about two weeks since my previous mail, and I guess it is time to relate my further adventures thus […]

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