To Di(rol) For

Dear Dirol-chewing-gum-toothpaste-breath-people,

I can’t for like to complain about Tea, and I can’t for like to complain about “Shoomering Reflective Body Lotion” (shoo, sounds like it can be from the Star Trek – maybe for invisibillness), but I can for like to complain about the chewing gum, because your chewies is the chewies I choose.

What the blerrie hell must I do with that big cardboard and plestik holder for the gums? In the old times, every time I bought the shiny new gums I put it to my jean pant money pocket – nice and safe, so that when I’m about to score with the cherrie I can quickly put one of the chewies to my mouth to have the Dirol fresh toothpaste taste which the laddies can for like to like, like.

Now todays when I go out with the Dirol new cardboard package I have to either dance with it on the hand, or leave it to my wheels. And then when I want to kiss the beutif hot chicks I haf to first take them to the wheels so I can quickly chew a chewie, and once they see my Cortina they do not want to be friendly with me anymore.

It are even taking up to the size of my sellular telefone.

New Dirol Packaging

Please change it back to the way it were heretofor,

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