Monthly Archives: November 2004

Don’t watch them terror videos.

A quote from journalist Jason Burke on terrorists “becoming the media” through propaganda videos. Read his article – it is very insightful. “Propaganda, indeed any communication or creative work, only functions in a language that is comprehensible to its target audiences. The harsh truth is that the style of al-Qaeda’s attacks and the executions in Iraq – and the whole theatre of modern terrorism – is familiar to us. The question is whether the content …

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A View on Current Political Shifts

James Gosling’s blog has this to say about the US election: “I realized I was in trouble when I noticed that I was thinking of Michael Moore as a voice of reason.” A more vitriolic (yet inescapably true) opinion can be found at While IE’s market share has dropped 5% since May to 88.9%, Mozilla browsers – including Firefox – have grown by 5% and now have 7.4% share of the market. There’s a …

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I hate Christmas in November

Why is it that we are forced to deal with Christmas decorations and advertisements starting in October already? It really amplifies the commercial aspect of Christmas, and by the time Christmas comes the shit has already fallen down or we’ve seen the ad a million times. Bah humbug. — Here are a couple of quotes from Richard Thieme’s newly launched blog ( This is the guy whose writing inspired me to realise that I truly …

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