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Seether Careless Whisper Video

Rock band Seether usually do a pretty good job with the creativity in their music videos, and this brand new Commodore-64 inspired video has that same cleverness to it, but I get the awkward feeling this music video is meant for a very different song. It feels quite contrived and the two just don’t quite gel together. Either way, have a look and make up your own mind.


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A Musical Interlude: MTV online.

Fatboy Slim |MTV Music

We interrupt regular programming to bring you Fatboy Slim’s – Weapon of Choice music video.

Posted here because a) It’s brilliant work, and b) to let you know that MTV is now offering a whole stack of their music videos online, free. Throw away your television. Enjoy the revolution.


Don’t watch them terror videos.

A quote from journalist Jason Burke on terrorists “becoming the media” through propaganda videos. Read his article – it is very insightful.

“Propaganda, indeed any communication or creative work, only functions in a language that is comprehensible to its target audiences. The harsh truth is that the style of al-Qaeda’s attacks and the executions in Iraq – and the whole theatre of modern terrorism – is familiar to us. The question is whether the content soon will be too.”

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